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SME's skip online marketing strategy

Two reports from Sensis and the Allen Consulting Group have identified a significant discrepancy between the number of small and medium business owners using the Internet to find information about products and services, and the number using a website to promote their own products and services.

The results indicate a troubling trend the compounds this issue - even those businesses with a website aren't making the most of it, with most skipping on an online marketing strategy. This means that many miss out on high volumes of website traffic from search engines and accessing the lucrative online retail market.

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    "Implementing an effective Internet Strategy is not rocket science."
What is Interactive Marketing?

    1. Two-way communication that occurs independent of time or place
    2. The 21st Century version of the Telegraph
    3. The Internet revolutionised two-way communication and simultaneously revolutionised the art of marketing
    4. Exploit interactivity to expand your operations

80/20 Marketing

·        Exponential increases in your sales numbers

·        Interactive Marketing - Greatest communication tool in the history of the world

·        Mostly untouched, by the vast majority of SME’s

·        The secret is to identify that productive 20 percent and focus your efforts on the things that make the most difference to your bottom line:

·        Automated

·        Easily added on to whatever you’re doing now

·        Can be implemented across the entire sales process

Prospects to Sales Funnel

 Roughly, any SEO has to make the following vital steps:

1. Choosing the right keywords

2. Optimizing your site's content

3. Cleaning and organizing your site's structure

4. Finding places to get backlinks from

5. Building a wide network of quality links

6. Monitoring website rankings over time

Don't even think to miss any of these tasks — these five are absolutely inevitable.

Email the Secret Ingredient

·        Email was the original “Killer App” of the Information Age

·        But for most small to medium-sized businesses, even the simple concept of keeping in touch with their customers by email, hasn’t even gotten to the launching pad, much less blasted off

·        The key to your Interactive Marketing strategy is not making your site look good, but using the Internet – more specifically, email – to increase sales


It’s not about your website

·        Interactive Marketing isn’t about the web site;

·        it’s about using HTML email to send your web site

to the right person at the right time with the right offer

·        When you get a prospect’s email address and follow up (automatically) via HTML email it’s amazing how many of them will email back

·        We like to receive certain emails. Everyone hates “spam” but most people like to receive emails about things that interest them from people or businesses they know

·        Every business should:

1.      Keep in touch with its customers

2.      Thank customers for their business

3.      Make special offers to certain groups of customers

4.      Follow-up with 100 percent of business prospects, 100 percent of the time


The “5 Steps" for Effective Interactive Marketing

·        Have effective web sites that generate as much targeted traffic as possible

·        Use your web sites to capture as many leads as possible as a percentage of all site visitors

·        Actively manage the content on your web sites

·        Use a sequential auto-responder to automatically follow up with all your prospects and customers

·        Use an HTML group e-mailer to send personalized emails to each and all your groups of prospects and customers